Unlocking Your
Success Potential

Our workshops are designed to give you the most in-depth, comprehensive understanding of each of the core principles outlined in the Think and Grow Rich success philosophy.

This program is offered in a series of 3 workshops, each level focused on specific concepts and outcomes that together deliver complete Think and Grow Rich training.

Prepare for Lifelong Change & Fulfilment

Our interactive format bring the Think and Grow Rich philosophy and core principles to life in a meaningful and deeply personal experience. Every concept is thoroughly discussed until you can see how it applies to your personal goals and unique circumstances. Exercises, discussions, real-life examples and homework culminate in an action plan that acts as a roadmap for ongoing, lasting success.


Live Life on Your Own Terms

Level 2
Level 2

Stretch the Limits of Your Ability

Level 3
Level 3

Develop Your Master Plan

What Our Students Are Saying

Think and Grow Rich

Level 1

Our Level One workshop is the starting point for living life on your own terms. You will not just change what you think, but the way you think. You will learn how to stop dwelling on thoughts of poverty, failure and defeat using new mental tools that will lead you to a lifetime of success. Your transformation begins here.


What You Will Learn:

How to close the doors to your past and start fresh

How to change your circumstances and environment

Why you have no reason to fear poverty

How to harness the Power of your Mind

How to start from scratch and build a fortune

How to develop a strong self-image

The Eight Mental Laws that govern your life

The formula that guarantees unbreakable self-confidence

How to develop your ASR (Auto-Success Reflex)

The qualities you need to influence others

Think and Grow Rich

Level 2

Workshop Level Two teaches you to stretch the limits of your ability to believe in yourself. You will begin to understand that you are very close to becoming Master of Your Fate and Captain of Your Soul.


What You Will Learn:

How to multiply your mind power

The six basic fears and how to extinguish them from your life for good

How to recognize and create opportunities

The secret of establishing an outstanding reputation

How to overcome the ten basic weaknesses that block your success

The two laws of your heredity and how they affect your confidence

How to use the law of mental telepathy to your advantage

How to banish procrastination

The truth about becoming an indispensable person

The truth about your education and why it makes no difference to your success

Think and Grow Rich

Level 3

Workshop Level Three will guide you to greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life – financial, personal, spiritual, mental, and emotional. You will learn to create a vision and develop a Master Plan that will lead you to peace of mind, health, and financial security. You will also learn the practical steps you must take in order to act in accordance with your beliefs.


What You Will Learn:

How to build high self-esteem

How to convert enemies into friends

The deadly enemy of your progress

How to avoid the disaster of negative thinking

How to be rich and have peace of mind

How to overcome adversity and defeat

The hidden force inside you that will give you unlimited belief in your abilities

Steps to develop a positive mental attitude

How to attract the right people in your life

How to rewrite your destiny

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