The Think and Grown Rich system has been used by the world’s top business leaders to achieve excellence in both professional and personal development. The timeless principles can be applied to transform team and individual performance and positively impact your company’s bottom-line.

Unlock Your Company’s Potential

Our corporate training programs bring the Think and Grow Rich core principles alive in a compelling and enriching experience for your employees.

Every concept is thoroughly discussed until your team can see how it applies to their personal development within the company, as well as to broader organizational goals. Exercises, discussions, real-life examples and homework culminate in both an individual and team action plan based on your business objectives.

We offer two training programs, with the option to develop custom content to address the specific needs of your business. We will work closely with you to ensure the programs are relevant to your goals and identify areas where deeper discussion on specific topics is required to leverage strengths and address weaknesses.

Think and Grow Rich

Sales & Productivity Training

This training program focuses on using the Think and Grow Rich philosophy to master two pillars of sales excellence: knowing oneself, and knowing the customer. Sales teams will use the principles of Think and Grow Rich to replace their mental blocks with new mental tools to develop strong relationships with their clients, win over prospects, and ultimately become consistent top performers.

Your Sales Team Will Learn To:

  • Respond effectively to all prospective client inquiries
  • Communicate your company’s value proposition
  • Self-regulate for consistent improvement
  • Develop the skills to overcome all objections
  • Go above and beyond for all prospects
  • Apply proven time-management principles to manage customer relationships and appointments
  • Think and Grow corporate success

Benefits To Your Company:

Higher sales conversions

Highly satisfied customers

Increased revenue

Motivated and committed sales team

Focused sales calls that yield measurable results

Some of Our Clients

Think and Grow Rich

Leadership Training

Many of the world’s greatest leaders have utilized the Think and Grow Rich system to propel themselves to great success in business and beyond. The program is indispensable for everyone from junior managers to your organization’s most senior executives.

The program will empower participants to increasingly add value to the organization, motivate and inspire their their peers, and lead their teams and company to greatness.

Your Leadership Candidates Will Learn To:

  • Take more initiative: the first step in leadership
  • Develop faith in the organization
  • Share and get buy-in for the company vision
  • Develop a magnetic personality
  • Develop the trust and confidence of peers
  • Reduce work-related stress
  • Think and Grow corporate success

Benefits To Your Company:

Increased motivation and inspiration

High morale and dedication to the company vision

Strategic alignment between leaders and their teams

Increased strategic alignment between teams

Increased revenue

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