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Think and Grow Rich Institute is the only organization in the world authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to teach Think and Grow Rich principles. We currently offers courses in North America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia and are expanding to other regions to ensure as many people as possible can access this indispensable and life-changing program.

We believe that when individuals are able to harness the power of their minds and given the tools they need to succeed, their actions and behaviour will not only lead to their own happiness, but will inspire and enrich the lives of others – creating a world where success is within everyone’s grasp.

Satish Verma

President & CEO

Satish discovered the transformational power of the Think and Grow Rich philosophy when he was confronted with both personal and professional adversity. Facing the collapse of his business and bankruptcy, he turned to Napoleon Hill’s famous book for inspiration. The results were life-changing: simply by shifting his thoughts and perceptions, he went on to develop new and prosperous businesses, while simultaneously improving every other aspect of his life.

He has since made it his life’s mission to uplift people from the chains of poverty, failure and their limited beliefs, by spreading the powerful Think and Grow Rich philosophy.

Satish has been honoured with the prestigious Gold Medal award, given only once every four years by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to an individual who demonstrates excellence in the area of personal development. He is also featured in the Hollywood docudrama “Think and Grow Rich – The Legacy.”

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